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Thank you for visiting our site and finding out about our policy on privacy (the 'Privacy Policy'). At Seiden Health Management Inc. ('SEIDEN™'), we understand the importance of privacy and the protection of personal information. Our Privacy Policy is based on the ten principles in the Personal Health Information Protection Act ('PHIPA'). SEIDEN™ owns and operates this website to inform you about its services. The information appearing on the pages of this site has been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute a medical opinion. By using this site, you are agreeing that you are aware of SEIDEN™ policies and practices relating to the management of personal information and personal health information (collectively referred to as the 'Personal Information') and are consenting to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Information as has been disclosed herein.

Before using this site, please read Terms Of Use and other legal notices contained in this site.

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SEIDEN™ has appointed a contact person (the 'Contact Person') who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of PHIPA. Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any concerns with SEIDEN™’s compliance with PHIPA, you can reach our Contact Person at:

For information on how to access your individual Personal Health Information see the heading 'Individual Access' below.

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Identifying Purposes of Collection

What is Personal Health Information?

Personal health information ('Personal Health Information') is information about an individual's mental or physical health, including information concerning health services provided and information about tests and examinations. This includes information in any form such as your age, name, ID numbers, ethnic origin, blood type, opinions, evaluations, comments, medical records and intentions (for example, to change jobs or to immigrate). Besides information about physical health, these records may include information about family relationships, sexual behaviour, and substance abuse and even the private thoughts and feelings that come with psychotherapy. This information is often keyed to a Social Insurance Number or a Health Insurance number such as OHIP or Medicare. As a result of a lack of consistent privacy protection or any other reason in the use of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Immigration Case Numbers or other personal or family identifiers outside of this organization or as a result of your lack of care in handing it out, medical information may be accessible.
Information from your medical records may influence your credit, admission to educational institutions and employment. It may also affect your ability to get health insurance or the rates you pay for coverage. More importantly, having others know intimate details about your life may mean a loss of dignity and autonomy.

Why do we collect Personal Health Information?

SEIDEN™ collects your Personal Health Information to provide medical services to you. We collect Personal Health Information when you submit an email with personally identifying information to contact, or by completing the referral form with or without any attachments. Personally identifying information provided by individuals will be used only by our intake Staff in connection with completion of the request for an appointment or general inquiries communication that requires a response and the follow up services. Our policy is to use this kind of information within SEIDEN™ on a need-to-know basis with the reasonable discretion and confidentiality appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

From time to time we also accept personal information from referral sources with the implied understanding that it was obtained legally and that the source had authority in law or from the person to provide the information to us. If you do not wish to allow your data to be shared with other Healthcare professionals across Canada and the United States you can advise us in writing when specifically and knowingly providing it by email or from time to time by visiting this web site and contact SEIDEN™. It will take effect only after we acknowledge receipt of your email.

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By providing Personal Information to SEIDEN™, you consent to our use of your Personal Health Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When we receive Personal Health Information about you from you, your substitute decision-maker or another health information custodian (a 'Health Information Custodian' as such term is defined in PHIPA) for the purpose of providing health care or assisting in the provision of health care to you, you will have provided your implied consent to collect, use or disclose the information for the purposes of providing health care or assisting in providing health care to you. You will also have provided your implied consent for us to disclose your Personal Health Information in the following circumstances:

  • To other practitioners or facilities for the provision of health care;
  • To confirm the presence, location and general health status (e.g. critical, poor fair) of a client in a facility so long as the client has not objected when offered an opportunity to do so;
  • In respect of a deceased individual for the purposes of identifying him or her, notifying family and friends of the death and to permit relatives to make relevant decisions about their own health;
  • For audit and accreditation purposes;
  • To address a significant risk of serious bodily harm to another person or group;
  • To potential and actual successors of SEIDEN™,
  • To access capacity under the Health Care Consent Act and the Substitute Decisions Act;
  • To a health regulatory College;
  • In order to cooperate with a statutorily authorized inspection, investigation or similar proceeding;
  • In some research situations;
  • In some health planning and management purposes;
  • To assist in the monitoring of public health funding;
  • To a health data institute under various rules and restrictions; and
  • If permitted by law.

If the PHIPA permits or requires an individual to make a request, give an instruction or take a step and a substitute decision-maker is authorized to consent on behalf of the individual to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Health Information about the individual, the substitute decision-maker may make the request, give the instruction or take the step on behalf of the individual.

We will seek your express consent before disclosing your Personal Health Information where:
(a) a Health Information Custodian makes the disclosure to a person that is not a Health Information Custodian; or
(b) a Health Information Custodian makes the disclosure to another Health Information Custodian and the disclosure is not for the purposes of providing health care or assisting in providing health care.

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Withdrawing Consent

Subject to any legal restrictions you are free to withdraw your consent to our use of your Personal Information at any time upon simply by indicating in writing and delivering to SEIDEN™ your intention to withdraw your consent. Any withdrawal of consent will only effect only after we acknowledge receipt of your request to do so. You should be aware however, that certain services can only be offered if a person provides Personal Information to SEIDEN™ and consequently, if you withdraw your consent or chose not to provide SEIDEN™ with the required Personal Information, we may be unable to offer the services requested.

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Limiting Collection

We will collect Personal Information only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. On occasion, in addition to collecting Personal Information from you directly, we may collect Personal Health Information about you indirectly if,
(a) you consent to the collection being made indirectly;
(b) the information to be collected is reasonably necessary for providing health care or assisting in providing health care to you and it is not reasonably possible to collect, directly from you,
(i) Personal Health Information that can reasonably be relied on as accurate, or
(ii) Personal Health Information in a timely manner.

We may also collect Personal Health Information about an individual directly from the individual, even if the individual is incapable of consenting, if the collection is reasonably necessary for the provision of health care and it is not reasonably possible to obtain consent in a timely manner.

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Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Limiting Use

Personal Information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected or created and for functions reasonably necessary for carrying out that purpose, except with your consent or as required by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary or appropriate to (a) conform to or comply with any law, regulation or court order; (b) protect and defend our rights or property or that of our suppliers and licensors, whether or not required to do so by law; or (c) protect the personal safety of users of our Site or the public. We also reserve the right to disclose Personal Information to appropriate authorities at our discretion when it appears that activities, which are illegal, are taking place.


We will only disclose your Personal Health Information in accordance with the provisions of PHIPA, to comply with legal requirements, or as described in this Privacy Policy. Personal Health Information and personally identifying information will not be sold or rented to others, however we occasionally work with other professional healthcare firms across Canada and the United States and it may be necessary to transfer personally identifying information and to make it accessible to their employees on a need-to-know basis with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Once you have made an appointment and seen a SEIDEN™ medical professional or you have disclosed information to a SEIDEN™ medical professional personally or by email please be advised that the SEIDEN™ medical professionals are under certain obligations at law to disclose personally identifying information. For example in the event that your blood test is positive for HIV or syphilis your name will be forwarded to the appropriate public health authority as required by law. Personally identifying information will also be disclosed to the appropriate authorities if we believe on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary for the purpose of eliminating or reducing a significant risk of serious bodily harm to a person or group of persons. Personally identifying information will also be forwarded to U.S. Immigration Authorities if you wish to pursue your visa application. Personally identifying information will also be forwarded to insurers or the Workman's Compensation Board or such similar organization if you wish to pursue your claim for compensation as may be applicable.


Personal Information is only retained as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes and as may be required to comply with the laws relating to health care professional's records in the relevant jurisdiction.

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We endeavour to ensure that any Personal Information in our possession is accurate, current and complete as necessary for the purposes for which SEIDEN™ uses that information. Information contained in files that have been closed or are on 'hold' is not actively updated or maintained. For us to maintain accurate, current and complete information it is necessary for you to immediately disclose to us any changes in your Personal Health Information.

If you have concerns about the accuracy or completeness of your Personal Health Information please speak with our Contact Person for further instructions about updating your Personal Health Information.

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Personally identifying information sent by e-mail is not secured. We assume no liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of interception, alteration or misuse of information (including your Personal Health Information) transmitted over the Internet. Emails are not archived separately. Once we transfer the information to the SEIDEN™ input staff for an appointment or general inquiries communication that requires a response, we endeavour to take reasonable measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information to protect the security of information that we receive from you against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. Methods of protection include physical measures (e.g. locked filing cabinets and restricted access to offices), organizational measures (e.g. limited access on a 'need-to-know' basis) and technological measures (e.g. the use of passwords and encryption). However absolute security of information is not possible at this time. We audit our procedures from time to time to ensure that they remain effective and appropriate.

In the event that we discover that your Personal Information has been stolen, lost or accessed by unauthorized personnel, we shall notify you at the first reasonable opportunity to do so.

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Through this Privacy Policy we have provided you with a general description of our information practices, how to contact us with questions regarding the use of your Personal Information, how to access or request correction of a record of Personal Health Information about the individual that is in our custody or control and how to make a complaint to the custodian and to the Commissioner under this Act.

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by contacting us.

Individual Access

With certain limited exceptions as provided in PHIPA, you have a right to access your Personal Health Information within a reasonable time. Upon receipt of your request in writing SEIDEN™ will endeavour to provide the information requested within a reasonable time but no later than 30 days following receipt of your written request. We may charge a reasonable cost (e.g. photocopying, mail or courier charges) to the individual making the request. We reserve the right to decline to provide access to your Personal Health Information to any third party without your express written consent to do so, if it would reveal Personal Information about another individual, or if it may disclose confidential business information that may harm SEIDEN™ or a third-party. To access your Personal Information please contact our Contact Person.

Challenging Compliance

In the event you have questions about access to your Personal Information, our collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Health Information or any other matter related to this Privacy Policy, please submit your question or complaint in writing to our Contact Person.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction by us, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner at:

Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
1400-2 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1A8

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Changes to Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy takes effect on 1 October 2010. SEIDEN™ reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy we will attempt to notify you by placing the information at the top of our Privacy Policy page and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

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Information About Transmitting Information over the Internet/via E-mail

(a) Confidential Information

SEIDEN™ site does not want to receive confidential or propriety information. SEIDEN™ is not responsible for any damages you may incur if you communicate confidential information to this organization over the Internet or any communications we may have with you at your request, by e-mail or otherwise.
Currently medical records are not subject to federal privacy legislation unless the record is kept by specific federal government works because health is in provincial jurisdiction. Quebec is the only province where medical records are protected by privacy legislation.

(b) Automatic Data Collection

You should be aware that as soon as you access the site information is automatically exchanged between your computer and the sites server without your intervention. The information does not identify you personally unless you are connected directly to the Internet. It consists of:

  1. The Internet domain name (for example, '' if you have a private Internet access account) and the IP address (a number automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet provider every time you use the Internet) with which you access our site;
  2. The type of browser and operating system used to access our site;
  3. The date and time you access our site;
  4. The pages you visit; and
  5. If you access from another site (referral site), its address.

This exchange of information is necessary if the server is to transmit to you a file compatible with the computer equipment you are using.

SEIDEN™ keeps the required information in order to have a record of the number of visitors; the pages visited most often, the technology used by the site's clientele, the referral sites and the countries of origin of visitors to the site. E-mail information, personal information about your access and navigation and information volunteered by yourself as a site visitor, such as survey information and site registration information, may be used by SEIDEN™ to improve the site but will not be shared with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes without your express permission.

You should refer to the specific instructions for setting up your browser to ensure that your personal information is not automatically being provided without your prior agreement.

(c) Information Voluntarily Provided By The User
An e-mail message that is not encrypted has no guarantee of confidentiality and is akin to a post card, which can be read by anyone as it travels along its route. SEIDEN™ offers you the opportunity to communicate by e-mail. Transmitting user information by e-mail, however, has a number of risks that users should consider before using e-mail. These include, but are not limited to, the following risks:
a. E-mail can be circulated, forwarded and stored in numerous paper and electronic files.
b. E-mail can be immediately broadcast worldwide and be received by many intended and unintended recipients.
c. E-mail senders can easily misaddress an e-mail.
d. E-mail is easier to falsify than handwritten or signed documents.
e. Backup copies of e-mail may exist even after the sender or the recipient has deleted his or her copy.
f. Employers and on-line services have a right to archive and inspect e-mails transmitted through their systems.
g. E-mail can be intercepted, altered, forwarded, or used without authorization or detection.
h. E-mail can be used to introduce viruses into computer systems.
i. E-mail can be used as evidence in court.
The information we collect is used for internal review. If you supply us with your postal address on-line you will only receive the information for which you provided us your address. Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding orders they have placed on-line.

(d) Cookie Files

A 'cookie' is a small text file containing a unique identifying code for the individual e.g., you, which is placed automatically on your own computer hard drive by the web site computer. It is used to identify individuals to a site whenever they visit, to store information about them such as their password; to record information about their activities when they are at the site including other automatically collected data such as the pages they visit or their actions on each page. The operation of cookies is controlled by the user in the browser settings (the default is to accept all cookies) but they may be turned off or the browser can be set to notify the user before one is accepted.

SEIDEN™ or does not write permanent or temporary cookies onto your hard discs at all. Whenever we will enable 'cookies' to facilitate your transactions in the future, we will post it on the web site.

However, contains links to other sites which may write temporary or permanent cookies onto your hard discs. SEIDEN™ has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Internet website and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. For more information, read the policy on privacy of those sites. When you leave, to a linked site, there is no warning that informs you that 'you are leaving the virtual space and that any information exchanged is no longer subject to the privacy policy'. Use of any such linked website is at the user's own risk and to the privacy policy of any site you access.

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